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It’s highly likely that you know your car the best. As the person who drives it daily, you’re aware of how it should sound and function regularly. This is why it’s critical to take any anomalies seriously.

Whether there’s an unfamiliar sound that comes occasionally, or there are irregularities in the performance, you should be on top of it at once. But what do you do now? Propping the hood open and digging with a spanner is not going to solve your problems.

That’s where a car scanning and diagnostics tool comes in. Your car has a lot of mechanical and electrical components. This is why getting a comprehensive diagnostics test gives you more intel.

What is a car diagnostic test?
A car scanning and diagnostics test is an intensive, all-encompassing inspection process that determines if your vehicle has any issues. The diagnostics will also reveal what problems your car has, what parts are at fault, whether it’s the engine, the transmission, the battery, and everything else.

These types of scanning and diagnostic tests used to be done in garages and workshops by mechanics, but now you can also do it yourself at home. By using an onboard diagnostic (OBD) scanner, you can not only safe yourself time, but money too.

How long does it take to run a diagnostic on a car?
The amount of time a car diagnostics test would take usually depends on how severe your car’s underlying issues are. Diagnostic tests generally go up to an hour and a half for a routine check for smaller problems.

The more significant problems that involve complex mechanical and electrical components would require more intensive diagnosis. Since the parts may have to be removed and inspected individually, this process can go up to three hours.

The best practices to follow for car scanning and diagnostics tests
Car scanning and diagnostics tools have long been used in major car garages and workshops. Now, they’ve made their way into the average consumer’s hands. You’re now able to diagnose what minor faults your car has, using an OBD scanner.

However, there are other things you can do as part of a diagnostics routine. These five practices will help ensure you stay on top of your car’s maintenance requirements.

Always refer to the owner’s manual by your car’s manufacturer
The owner’s manual published by your car’s manufacturer will usually have all the relevant information you need to carry out any car scanning and diagnostics tests. Since it’s written by your car’s manufacturer, you’ll get the most accurate information for all types of problems.

The manual is carefully written for your exact make and model. It has all the information for what repairs you’ll have to carry out in case you have any issues. Even if you’re unable to find it, you can access it on your car manufacturer’s website or some other sources.

Listening out for noises is a critical aspect of diagnostics
It’s a given that you can always rely on your primary scanning and diagnostics tool. However, not everyone can shell out the money for such devices. That’s where your ears come in.
They can be highly effective in, at the very least, determining that there’s a problem with a particular component that requires immediate repairs. The more you get used to the car you drive every day, the better your abilities become in listening out for any sonic anomalies.

Familiarise yourself with OBD scanning systems
All modern vehicles can be scanned and inspected using an onboard diagnostics (OBD) system. Most of the newer OBD scanners can determine what components of your car have issues, and what type of problems they are.

Implement a thorough service and repair strategy
Using car scanning and diagnostics tools to identify what problems your car has is only the first step. The way to go about the rest is by implementing a comprehensive service and repair strategy.

This typically requires the enlistment of professional services, so you must take your car to top-quality car service and repair centres to get the best results.

Consider getting a car scanning and diagnostics test done at ServiceMyCar
At ServiceMyCar, we not only handle all your car service and repair needs, but also have our own comprehensive, 360-degree health check. This full inspection will help determine exactly what issues your car has.

As it’s crucial to have the best car technicians handle all your car repair needs, you should do some research to make a guided choice. Our expansive service network caters to all types of car maintenance requirements.

The network gives you access to the most advanced garages with the latest technology to assess and then fix all the issues your car has. We also have a team of former agency service advisors who are there to answer all your questions and guide you through the repair process.

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