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Just completed a big trip. 5000 km from Montreal, Canada to Sarasota, Florida and back. Three days each way.
In preparation I changed to engine oil and filter (Penzooil Euro Synthetic 5w30) and the Haldex Fluid.
I also fitted new wiper blades and gave the vehicle a thorough check over.
When in Sarasota I changed th e Rear Differential oil (Mobil1 Synthetic 75w90) That Diff takes just over a quart !!
The vehicle ran perfectly even when fully loaded. I just needed to watch my tire pressures (33F and 36R) as the temperature changed.
I used 1 pint of oil only.
What a lovely comfortable vehicle to drive !!!!
Next jobs are to change the Front Bevel Box oil and do a drain and fill on the Gearbox. I have only owned the vehicle for 2 months so am starting at the begining.

Mike Robb
2016 Audi Q3 Premium Plus
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