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I am a recovering BMW loyalist and just purchased my first Audi. It's a 2016 Q3 in Florett Silver with Prestige package. So far, I'm really enjoying the car. Audi seems to give you more for your dollar. While BMW charges extra for every little thing, Audi seems to build much of into their pricing.

Anyways, I have two questions that I hope someone on the forum can answer.

1- The full LED lights - I noticed the LED lights on the Prestige package give off a hint of purple. Is that normal? I always thought Xenon lights gave off a hint of purple but LED lights would be pure white. I just want to make sure that I indeed have the full LED lights and that it's normal for the purple hue.

2- The key fob - BMW's key fobs were super light and barely made a dent in my pocket. The Q3 key fob is heavy and bothersome to keep in my pocket. I figure this is because of the flip key attached to the side. The BMW has a valet key included, but not nearly as heavy. Has anyone figured out if there is an aftermarket lighter weight fob?


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Brian - Welcome to the forum. I think you'll find some cool stuff here and we're always full of opinions and pics - so bring them too. As for the LED lights, you may get a light amount of blue or purple flash (edge bleed) from these as the LEDs are usually tuned for about 4800-5200 deg K which is actually a bit warmer than many HID lamps out there. Regardless as the LEDs focus, the mere shifting will cause some color flash. The 'natural' color of the LEDs is closer to about 8-9000 deg K though, a bit blue beyond white.

As for key fob, nope - I'm afraid you're pretty stuck. I suppose you could take a small Torx to take the key off to lighten it up as you don't really need it - but I have no other known options - sorry.
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