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Two totally unrelated questions :)

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Hi folks,

Been quiet for a whie....

1. My Audi Connect Online Destinations stopped Thursday Says server not responding. Just me? I do use this quite a bit. Called Audi, they said they opened a case and would get back, then find out they do not work weekends even on IT issues on their side. Curious of this works for others if you happen to check.

2. How can I remove the left (driver side) air vent? Dropped something in. More worried about rattles than getting the object out, but not obvious how it removes.


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Second part turned out to be easy. Found the "key" slot on the dash side cover and popped it off. Totally accessible from there.

Thanks. So its a widespread problem. I'm in California.

Appreciate the reply.

Thanks. I shall go check mine in a bit.

I'm back as well.

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