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Update: My q3 is on the boat

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I've been informed by my dealer that my car is now on the ship, as of 7-8-15.
Very exciting!! :D
Okay, now back to trying not to think (obsess) about it.
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Great news vestergirl! I hope my Q3 will be heading out soon as well.

Now....since it's on the boat was your dealer able to provide an estimated delivery date? It's a bit confounding that in this day of shipping logistics there isn't a plan for transport that can be provided to the dealer and the customer. My wife recently ordered a new Subaru through the local dealer. They gave her the estimated time to arrival at the time of purchase ("late June"). Then part way through the process they gave her an arrival date and it came in one day after that. It appears that there's some uncertainty in the timing of car being loaded on the boat to the USA and that's why the dealer cannot provide any date until they have a port arrival date. My broker is saying "August" and that's as firm a date as I'm getting at this point. Does anyone else have their 2016 Q3 price firmed up? How Audi can be shipping cars without providing the necessary pricing to the dealer is beyond me. It appears they have released MSRP but not dealer invoice.
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I can certainly appreciate the business practice of clearing out old model inventory before sending in the new model. What's frustrating is the lack of information flowing through to the customer given that this is all a planned. The story I got from my dealer, through my broker, was pretty interesting. The dealer said Audi hadn't made him aware of any hold on 2016 vehicles and he can't give me any estimate of the arrival timing until he has a port date for San Diego. Seems odd that he isn't even aware of this hold on the 2016s.
I'm still a bit confused by the reported hold on releasing 2016s until July 23rd. As we saw one guy on the forum reported getting his 2016 already. My AAA broker emailed me today and said that the dealer he's working with in CA got a couple of 2016 in but not mine. So it appears they are moving through the pipeline and in some cases to the customer. I'm reminded of the saying....patience is the key virtue.
Great to hear your journey is coming closer to ending. My Q3 finished production on June 22nd and it's now been almost a month with zero updates... other than to be told there is no new info. I have a feeling the next update will be the day it arrives on my doorstep.... I could do more pestering but figure it's not going to get me anywhere at this point. Hang in day soon your wait will be over and all the anticipation will have been worth it.
DampDuffer, my order went in to the dealer at the beginning of May and I was told that it was typically a 2-3 month lead time to delivery...but I think this was a pretty general statement based on the broker's historical experience. It took a little while for the order to actually get processed in Audi's system. But then when it finished production on June 22 I was hopeful that I might have it around 4-5 weeks from that date. But now, with the dealer unable to provide any further update a month later I'm assuming it got caught up in the hold on 2016s. More recently my broker said to expect August delivery (but nothing more specific than that). I can be more patient if I'm getting updates - this lack of any information is getting pretty frustrating. Audi is not getting any points from me on this part of the process...but if the car performs well and is reliable, the delivery experience will be forgotten or at least forgiven. Ideally I wanted to get my car in the late spring so I could enjoy it for a while before taking it through a Central Oregon winter...but would have had to buy a 2015 to do that or wait another year.... The broker will deliver the car to me, or I have the option to pick it up in Portland.

Vestergirl - I think you give me more credit for patience than is due. I keep hitting the "get email" button hoping that the next time will produce a note from the broker saying my car has arrived from far no luck. And if I had the info you'd better believe I'd be tracking the progress across the ocean. Sounds like you'd better keep your new Q3 in the garage or surround it with a giant steel skirting...although seems like after two times already the odds are now on your side that you won't have this one taken out by a wayward driver..
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Vestergirl....sounds like more anticipation building, gut wrenching waiting. Hang in there - your patience will be rewarded very soon. Hope your financing all works out. I'm really looking forward to your, sure to be an interesting read, reports once you begin to experience the new Q3. And of course some stunning pictures are a must!

On my end NOTHING is happening, no word of anything and it's now been over a month since I got the official Audi update that my car was built and heading to the port. Here's how my week went....I sent a nice note to the broker on Monday or Tuesday asking him to check with the dealer again to find out where my car is in the process and trying to nail down where we will have the protective film installed...On Wednesday, end of day I get an email saying that he left a VM with the dealer that afternoon. The remainder of the work week went by and no response yet. The broker is a good guy and has been used before, so I have to put this on the dealer who has been no help so far. Beginning to wonder if I should have just tried to negotiate a deal locally.... Oh well. How is it that after 4 weeks, even after allowing for the hold time, my car has not hit port....should I be afraid that it took a nose dive off the ship somewhere in the Atlantic and no one has the guts to tell me that I have to start the process over again? I am fortunate that there is nothing critical in the timing of this purchase...none the less, I'm getting pretty frustrated with the process.
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Thanks for the info. Mine is first going to a dealer in SoCAL before it makes the journey northward so yes it might be on the same schedule. That would be discouraging....that would mean I'm not going to get it until late August by the time it has to travel to my broker and then to me. That would be almost 4 months from order date.
Thanks for the info - good to know I'm not alone.....I think I mistakenly got my hopes up when my broker suggested I was probably looking at 8 weeks from May 20th, which implied I'd have the car by end of July. I don't think he was intentionally misstating it, just basing it on incomplete information and past experience with other Audis. I do fault the sales guy he's working with in SoCal as he's been zero help during this process.
Thanks. Looking back I see I got my official step 1 (ordered) notice in mid May even though I completed my paperwork and it was submitted to the dealer at the beginning of May (two weeks lost here). So if the clock didn't start until mid May then 12-16 weeks is mid August until Mid September. It would have been helpful if the dealer has simply provided this type of timeline...
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I shared your memories with my wife and she really got a kick out of your writing and was impressed by your memory. Now inquiring minds want to that your wife next to the car in 1973/83?
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