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Ur-Quattro will Inspire the 2017 Audi Q3 Design

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We have yet to see the Audi Q3 in North American showrooms, but even so, Audi is already mulling what it will do with the next generation of the vehicle.

Marc Lichte, the new Audi head of design, recently told a French magazine that he is a fan of the original Quattro, the legendary all-wheel drive coupe that blitzed both road and track. That influence will be most pronounced in the wheel arches and perhaps in the hind quarters.

Automobile Magazine claims to have some tech details too. The second generation SUV will be just 1cm longer, but much wider and a little low, which should improve its driving characteristics. Power will come from a variety of engines, including the 240 hp twin-turbo TDI 2-liter used by the next0gen Passat.
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Good to know that the Q3 will be inspired by something much more sporty
Maybe if Audi found inspiration in something other than vehicles that they have already created, they would have a lineup that didn't all look identical. Inspiration should be found inplaces other than things your company has already created.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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