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Here is a link to a post on the A5OC site that I think is a good primer for VCDS newbies. NOT all coding will be the same but there are many similarities across all of VAG, so PLEASE be careful - but the main content will get you some pretty good info.

Please use a similar convention to the below (which is also pretty common across most Audi/VAG sites for illustrating any code work you do or want to document here. VCDS Menu sequences are enclosed in square brackets, with specific sequences followed by an arrow (->), and specific instructions in plain text, with sequences separated by an arrow (->). Before you do ANY code changes, do a complete scan and SAVE your current coding files in a safe place to allow a return to your current coding should you need to !! I cannot stress this enough -

For example : Please use a new thread for each modification that you document - that way they'll be easy to find and specific relevant responses for that mod can be posted along with it. Questions NOT already covered by the mod threads can be asked in the Questions Thread.

Enable Hidden menu in MMI 3G

[5F - Information Electr.]
[Adaptation - 10] -> [Channel 6]
=> Change 0 to 1
Done, Go Back

After coding, to access the hidden menu, hold down Car and Menu together for 5 seconds

Use this hidden menu at your own risk.
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