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Recent events have made the need to carry a wheelchair around a necessity for some time. I can manage to get a transport wheelchair with folding handles in the trunk of my BMW 330 convertible, but in no way can a large wheeled chair fit back there. Of course my Passat wagon takes the big one with ease with all seats in place. So, since the VW is the car we are planning to replace with a Q3.

Will a large wheeled wheelchair fit in the back with the seats up? Or worst case with the rear seats down?


BTW: I was much happier asking about bikes and canoe accessories.
Well, I haven't tried to fit a wheelchair myself but I've tried some baby stollers; I can tell you that I had some difficult time finding one that would fit parallel to the side doors, laying down, with the seats up. I was able to fit just about any stroller vertically to the side doors and managed to get about 8-12 inches of free space. You can always take the stroller to the dealership and try it yourself, that's what I did with a stroller I had at home.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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