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Window Visor

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Just wondering does anyone has window visors installed on their Q3? If so, do you mind to share your experience? Like what brand/model did you get?

Noticed there are usually 2 styles: snap-in and over the door frame, any pros and cons between the 2 different styles? Maybe one will have less wind noise than the other?

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Haven't installed any but the here's a few pros and cons for each.

over the door frame
-easy to install
-a bit better at blocking water intrusion because it goes over the window
-no window contact
-may leave behind tape gunk when you try to take it off and it may be hard to remove
-more prominent than snap in

-looks smooth
-easy to remove and no adhesive is needed
-they're designed to be really snug so you may break the deflector if you aren't careful while installing it
-may loosen over time
-It does touch the top of your window possibly scratching it but shouldn't be a concern if installed properly and cleaned here and there

The pros and cons are negligible, at least to me, so it's mostly down to looks and how much effort you're willing to put into it's installation.
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Good synopsis, AudiFox.

My wife had snap-in type window visors on her Mazda that were installed in 2005 and they were still as good as new when we sold the car a month ago.

I don't recall any wind or other noise coming from the visors, and we sure liked that we could have our windows down an inch or two when it was raining....
Thanks for the info guys!

For the look, I am more leaning towards the snap-in ones. Seems like Audi (at least in UK) has the window deflectors (snap-in style) listed as an accessory item. But I don't think it's available in North America though...

I will try to find out more info...
If you can't get factory visors in North America you can try aftermarket companies.
Maybe its just me but being that there is no top window frame what do they snap in to?

All along on this thread I was thinking that the window visors weren't even an option because of the missing top frame. Anyone have any pics?
I did find some third parties making them:


Ohio Joe: What do you mean missing the top window frame? Maybe you are thinking about your A5 Cabriolet? :)
Edward, you are absolutely correct. Obviously I should have sat back and been silent on this one...

Thanks for the links too, Hey maybe I have another idea for Sweetest day!
Lets see some flowers, candy, perfume and window visors for her Q3!!!
Ohio Joe, after looking closer at the door frames today, now I understand why you are saying that regarding the top frame.

The top part is actually soft plastic/rubber instead of hard plastic like some other cars (at least the ones I have before). So I do see why there could be issue for the over the frame style... not sure how good are those 3M tapes on soft plastic...

After more research, I find these Audi part numbers for the window visors:
Front: 8U0072193
Rear: 8U0072194

I called a local Audi dealershop asking for them, but apparently these parts can't be ordered through Audi in North America.

Has anyone tried the above visors on their Q3 in North America? I assume they should fit...
They should fit without issue - some of these parts can be economically purchased in a Group Buy where the seller will ship them all to one person here in th estates, and then they can be more easily and cheaply re-distributed via UPS here. A supplier in the EU that I have had good luck with is, they are pretty easy to deal , pretty quick and good prices...

Okay - DID find them, they DO appear to be orderable from the US - $115 for the left front, and $74 for the left rear BUT - there do not appear to be right side correspondents OR they come as pairs together, which makes sense ... I may try to get them just to see what they look like ...
Roger, thanks for checking it out.

I am positive they come as pairs. By the way I just found them on ECS Tuning, with 15% off discount now.
Tried to order a set today and found they are on Blocked Order for quality control - I have other info, but when they are released will get a set and post -
Interesting that it's on blocked order here (for quality control?) but it's available in UK.

Not sure if I am going wait, if I end up ordering from ECS Tuning I will post here as well.
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