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I have a 2017 Q3 Quattro 2.0, no mods, daily driver. Has 65k on it, with orginal Carlex Acoustic OE windshield.
The windshield glass has developed what looks to be pock marks that create some slight distortion when driving in the sun, or at night from oncoming headlights.
There are also waterspots (looks like hard water stains) that are more prevelent where the winshield wiper stops and returns on driver's side. Wife took to dealer or new battery installation and Q was given a courtsey wash, and from there the issues appeared.

I have tried dawn detergent and baking soda, vinegar solution, other glass cleaning stuff with no sucess.
I'm tempted to try buffing with cerium oxide, but that might be too agressive and cause more distortion.

Inspection with shop light up close looks like pockmarks are in the laminate.
The exterior surface has a lot of minor scrathes and water mark looking spots.

Anyone know if there any know issues with Carlex OE windshield glass?

Thanks in advance for the feedback.
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