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Winter wheels downsizing

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Hi all,

Gonna receive my 2018 Q3 progressiv at the end of January...

Want to downsize from the 19" (255/40R19) wheels because of the cost of the tires (ex: Hakka9 in 19" are 1800$ here) and I can have a really good deal on Hakka9 in 17" (about 900$). Considering I could get wheels and tires for the same price and won't need to pay for installations each season, I think it's worth it...

Problem is the guy selling me the tires and winters mags is not close to my home (2 hours drive) so I can't drive on my 4-seasons tires to him to check the wheels before mounting the tires.

Anyone can send me the correct stats for the 17" wheels so I could buy good ones and be sure they will fit with the brakes and everything?

Thanks all!
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I bought a winter wheel & tire package from Tirerack. They mount/balance, and ship right to your home or installer. I got 17 inch MSW Type 14 wheels and Michelin Xice3 tires. My Q3 came with the 18 inch factory wheels/tires. The brakes on the Q3 are pretty small, you can go down to a 16 inch wheel.

You can use the website to see what wheels will fit.
Which 17" tires size you got?
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