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After 8 years with an A4 Cabriolet we have just moved to a Q3. Some questions for the forum:
1 - Where can one obtain an Audi Workshop Manual for the Q3? Have a pdf version for the A4 and would like similar product for the 2015 Q3 2.0 Quattro.
2 - What are all using for tire pressures? Sticker on door jamb calls for 32 front and 36 rear. Car was delivered with 42/46, as wife was leaving this morning for 400ish mile trip I checked tire pressures last night, put them at sticker values.
She has just called and is getting TPS warning of low pressures.
NOT an error in my gauge, checked it with three different gauges including a bourdon tube unit, all read same. (Car felt like it was riding a bit "hard" so pressure would be likely explanation.) Dealer phone system is out of order!
3 - Is it possible to fit a backup camera after delivery?

The writer is long-time mechanic, including Porsche racing so no fear.

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First - welcome to the forum - glad you're here and hope you get at least as much out of us as you can contribute. As for the shop manual, Audi does them all intranet on line now, so until some aftermarket entrepreneur (like Haynes) creates one from Audi's materials, I think you'll have to cuddle up with a dealer for access to their stuff.

The Q3 TPMS is NOT an absolute measuring system but rather one that measures a difference from your set point that they're all set correctly. So it's no doubt that unless you reset the baseline (in MMI) when you set the factory settings (or any for that matter), the system is trying to compare what you have now versus the higher pressures you started with - If you're confident that all pressure are correct, then go into your MMI and tell the car that they are now correct and the system will monitor changes from where you are now.

A back-up camera IS possible to retrofit (see posts by CocoPops on the subject), but it is not easy nor cheap, and you will need to re-code your J519 (Central Electronics) to let it know you have the module - No problem with VCDS, but the real challenge will be connecting it into your display - if it's possible to do that without getting a new display too ($$$).

Hope this helps ...;)
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